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Soft Landing is a dedicated programme run
by Cambridge Innovation Center and
partners to help foreign companies
establish business in Poland and
accelerate their growth.

4 Easy steps

By participating in the program you will be able to get a comprehensive support at all stages of entering the Polish market. The services will include:


learn all you need for preparation of the company relocation to Poland

New Entity

immigration and relocation assistance, support with company incorporation in Poland

First 30 days

market entry guidance, support in operations and setting up business in Poland, access to local network


connection to industry partners and potential clients, access to finance, operations and business support, outsourcing, talent acquisition, etc.

Why Poland?

Significant EU market

Poland is one of the biggest EU member states, and the biggest market in the region of Central and Eastern Europe with regards to GDP

38M internal market

Poland is the 5th most populated country in the European Union with 38m citizens

Strategic location

The central location of Poland and its importance as a gateway to the European Union is a major incentive in attracting foreign companies which aim to slash the time of order realisation for customers in markets which are east of the centre of Europe

Human capital

The HC is among the most appreciated characteristics of Polish employees: excellent qualifications, strong communication skills, proficiency in foreign languages as well as motivation to work and the organizational culture of Polish staff

Investment incentives

Financial support for investments of considerable importance for the Polish economy, investment incentives in special economic zones, real estate tax exemptions, financial support from European Union funds and labour market instruments for employing people officially registered as unemployed

Strategic sectors

Over the past 26 years, Poland has seen steady economic growth. The main sectors of the Polish economy are Agriculture, Energy, Manufacturing and Tourism

Our services


Online workshops

The series where the foreigners share their experiences of being acclimated in Poland

Webinars and Q&A sessions

Webinars to expand the knowledge about Polish business climate, legal and regulation considerations

Interactive materials

Pre-recorded workshop, representing an overview of legal requirements related to pre-landing

New Entity

Legal form selection

Comprehensive assistance in choosing the legal body form

Setting up a legal entity

Preparation of needed company documents and registering a legal entity in Poland

Office at CIC Warsaw

Support in registering the office at CIC Warsaw

First 30 Days

Setting up business strategy in Poland

Offline / Online workshop for newcomers to Poland, helping them to prepare for running business in Poland and scaling up

1:1 consultations with soft landing manager

1:1 meetings with newcomers to learn about their needs in setting up business in Poland

1:1 consultations with specialists - law, tax, financial specialists

Depending on the scope of the support needed determined during 1:1 meeting with each company, 1h meeting with the required specialist would be settled


Access to investments

Supporting company on capital raising strategy, including canvas business model, pitch deck preparation, business plan review. Support it in fundraising and reaching VCs

Business and Customer Development

Business feasibility analysis, product analysis, business and development strategy, access to potential customers

Business Process Outsourcing

Accounting, back office, financial and cash management services, legal services


0 Monthly

Free package offering preparation of the company relocation to Poland.

  • Webinars “Why Poland”
  • Sessions “New in Town”
  • Pre-recorded workshops
999 Monthly

Package for the entities considering immigrating to Poland for the sake of conducting business.

  • Assistance in legal form selection
  • Preparation of needed company documents and setting up a legal entity in Poland
  • Support in registering the office at CIC Warsaw
499 Monthly

Package for the entities looking for immersing themselves into Polish business ecosystem

  • Overview of business climate, possibilities, incentives and startup programs in Poland
  • Access to  coworking space at Innovation Campus
  • 1:1 consultations with soft landing manager &
  • 1:1 consultations with EY specialists
  • Workshop on setting up business strategy in Poland


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